TARA NOVA DESIGN studio was commissioned to design  cinema, which is located in the city center of Berd on the north of Armenia. Our proposal for the future Arevaberd cinema aims to build a physical structure will constitute the urban identity of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies which launching New Gen Education.

Reconstruction of front facade follow the dominant trend over the past few decades is that public architecture must make extravagant gestures to take over the public world of our cities. And also extend cinema to provide a new functional spaces.

Economy of resources through urban recycling was another goal. At a time when energy resources are dwindling and climate change has become a crucial problem for our cities, it would have been irresponsible to simply discard the existing building in order to build an entirely new one, with the corresponding expenditure of vital resources. As a result we saved materials from original building.

Consolidation and rebranding of the public personality of the Arevaberd cinema. We intend to provide a strong urban identity to the new facility for TUMO and the Film Center and weave these two institutions together. The building should take on the idea of ​​its new function as an Center for Creative Technologies with a special presence, having the opportunity to consolidate the existing urban fabric. The junction between the old building fabric and the TUMO will trigger a new physical presence of the complex.




Քանաքեռցի Տույը նոր «ընտրյալ» ունի. նրա հետ են ՀՀԿ-ականները

Քանաքեռցի Տույը նոր «ընտրյալ» ունի. նրա հետ են ՀՀԿ-ականները

Опубликовано Ժողովուրդ օրաթերթ 3 ноября 2017 г.