Tara Nova Design was appointed to provide the architectural and interior design services for a restaurant located in Kotka. Respecting the idea to transfer the Bavarian lifestyle and beer culture in the most authentic way to the Finnish consumer, our focus hereby is to promote and develop project which set themselves apart by offering beer, food, atmosphere and entertainment as close as possible to its Bavarian heritage. The 50-seat beer restaurant is set inside the two floor 1960s building. Our design make the facade to reveal a beautifully proportioned Bavarian brew house with original wooden decor.

The newly reconstructed spaces at the first floor has become the beer hall with a long bar. In the basement the copper vessels of the brewery sit on an elevated gantry, original steel vault doors lead to black and white tiled bathrooms and a private space with a picture window through to the cellar. The design responds to the client’s simple brief to create the best brew house in Kotka. The team worked carefully to reveal the original Bavarian interiors and have overlaid contemporary features that make for the building rich history.